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Our Health and Safety Policy is based on the importance we place on human life and well being. Therefore Health and Safety is our first priority in all our areas of activity. This is why we have been OHSAS 14001 certified since 2000. Our goal is to provide a safe and healthy work environment in all our sites and offices.

To this end our company is committed to;

  • Adhering to Health and Safety regulations and requirements and provide all necessary equipment and precautions to provide a safe work environment to all our employees, subcontractors, visitors, customers and colleagues.
  • Monitoring and preventing any possible of work related accidents and  illnesses by performing risk analyses of actions and situations present on site
  • Providing all necessary equipment and training to our employees to provide a safe work environment and eliminate losses
  • Ensuring our subcontractors and visitors adhere to company health and safety standards and regulations
  • Be forward looking in our health and safety standards to analyse and prevent future issues
  • Following recent regulations and HSE organizations to keep informed on latest standards and safety equipment to stay an industry leader in health and safety
  • Continuing to follow our HSE Management system for safe and sustainable projects

as our Health and Safety Policy

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