Our environmental policy is aimed at ensuring sustainability through following latest eco-friendly practices as well as adhering to all local and international laws for all stages of our projects. We hope to reduce waste and the environmental impact in all our work and leave better world for tomorrow. To ensure our commitment to environment we have been ISO 14001 certified since 2000.

To this end our company is committed to;

  • Following all international and local laws, regulations and customer requirements to protect the environment and help improvements and progress in environmental issues
  • Using the most eco-friendly and sustainable technologies to preserve natural resources, reduce waste and carbon footprint in our projects and offices
  • Considering the nature in our building and process design to minimise environmental impact
  • Continuing to improve our Environmental Policy for become for eco-friendly every day
  • Ensuring our subcontractors and visitors follow our sustainability vision by following our policies
  • Improving the environmental impact of our project through constant communication with our customer and suppliers
  • Managing and reducing waste through recycling and use of environmentally friendly materials
  • Continuing to follow our HSE Management system for safe and sustainable projects

as our Environmental Policy